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Salmon Sashimi Bento Bowl with Zucchini Roll Ups


I have to apologize for the lack of posts over the past week, I’m currentlyย traveling and visiting with my husbands family in Brazil (for the holidays). With the time difference and not having wifi 24/7 I hope you can understand! I think it’s always good to unplug and get some rest & relaxation when possible. On another note, I prepared a few special posts for you before I left and this is one of my favorites. It’s aย Salmon Sashimi Bento Bowl with Zucchini Roll Up’s and it’s absolutely divine.

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Main Course

Seared Ahi + Soba Noodles

seared ahi tuna and soba noodles lilas kitchen

Are you trying to follow healthy eating habits? I find that half the battle in eating healthy is having a good idea of what to cook. Eating healthy can be challenging especially when you need more of a variety when it comes to flavors. I’m not sure about you but I get bored very easily ๐Ÿ™‚ Therefore, I continuously find myself switching it up and testingย out new flavors. Sometimes they work and sometimes they’re a flop! It’s a fun game to play and thankfully I get to share the good ones with you.ย Seared Ahi + Soba Noodles is a dish that I love making, because it holds fresh and satisfying flavors. It switches things up with a very different flavor combo from the protein and seasonings used.

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Main Course

Beef + Veggie Bento Bowl


In need of aย new and healthy lunch option? This beef and veggieย bento bowl is a wonderful alternative! If you haven’t caughtย on already through previous posts, I love throwing together a colorful protein bowl. They’re fairly simple, quick to make and have everything you need. This one particularly is packed with protein, veggies and has a ton of nutritional value to keep you well fueled throughout the day. It’s like the ultimate protein bowl with a little Japanese twist.

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Natural Cooking Basics

Cooking with Natural Oils

cooking natural oils

I amย particularly interested in natural cooking oils. I find myself consistently evaluating the natural oils I use in my kitchen and I’m always exploring new options. The one thought that continues toย crossย my mind after much research is that itโ€™s quite interesting how we have to play this game of dodge the bullet with refined oils that have been conjured up in a lab (aka Canola, Vegetable, Soy, Corn, Safflower, Cottonseed oil & many others). Refinedย oils are conveniently sold in almost every grocery store & promoted as healthy,ย although they are really the farthest thing from it. Continue Reading