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Escarole with Roasted Potatoes + Golden Beets

golden beet escarole salad lilas kitchen

First and foremost happy holidays to everyone! I hope that the past few weeks have been filled with tasty meals, lots of laughter, family and friends for you all. I am finally back in the country, I was out the past few weeks in Brazil visiting fam. Now, I am so looking forward to sharing a few new recipes and holiday beverages as we approach 2016! To begin, this Escarole with Roasted Potatoes + Golden Beets is a wonderful winter salad to add to your winter recipe box.

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Main Course

Paleo Pork + Veggie Roast


This is a 1 pot meal. You literally throw everything into your slow cooker and voila! It is the perfect dinner to have on a chilly fall evening and during the week when the last thing you want to do is stand over your stove. All it takes is a little prep work and plugging in your slow cooker. I love coming home to this delectable roast knowing that I have to do absolutely nothing but grab a plate and pour myself a glass of wine!

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