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Salmon Sashimi Bento Bowl with Zucchini Roll Ups


I have to apologize for the lack of posts over the past week, I’m currently traveling and visiting with my husbands family in Brazil (for the holidays). With the time difference and not having wifi 24/7 I hope you can understand! I think it’s always good to unplug and get some rest & relaxation when possible. On another note, I prepared a few special posts for you before I left and this is one of my favorites. It’s a Salmon Sashimi Bento Bowl with Zucchini Roll Up’s and it’s absolutely divine.

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Main Course Vegetarian

Balsamic Portobello + Quinoa Medley


This Balsamic Portobello + Quinoa Medley is such a fantastic vegetarian option and super manageable to put together quickly. It also just rings Fall to me with the beautiful orange and yellow tones of the fresh tomatoes and squash. With just a few ingredients your set to have a tasty dinner. It’s truly surprising how savory and rich the portobellos become when cooked down in this balsamic vinegar sauce. This is a substantial meal worth trying, not only because it’s easy to make it also holds incredible nutritional value. Portobellos have multiple pluses when it comes to nutrition, as they have a seriously good balance of healthy protein, carbs and are low in fat.

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Main Course

Beef + Veggie Bento Bowl


In need of a new and healthy lunch option? This beef and veggie bento bowl is a wonderful alternative! If you haven’t caught on already through previous posts, I love throwing together a colorful protein bowl. They’re fairly simple, quick to make and have everything you need. This one particularly is packed with protein, veggies and has a ton of nutritional value to keep you well fueled throughout the day. It’s like the ultimate protein bowl with a little Japanese twist.

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Main Course

Roasted Butternut Squash + Swiss Chard Protein Bowl


Embrace the cool fall weather with this warm and delicious roasted butternut squash and swiss chard protein bowl. This dish highlights flavors of fall while being healthy and nutritious. I love taking traditionally hearty ingredients and creating something a bit lighter while still packed with flavor. This is a wonderful go-to week night dinner option and it’s super easy to throw together. The sweetness of the warmly roasted butternut squash paired with slightly salty sautéed swiss chard is quite gratifying. It’s the perfect healthy comfort dish for a cool evening and celebrating fall!

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Salads Vegetarian

Roasted Beet + Pistachio Nut Salad

roasted beet salad lilas kitchen

Celebrating fall with this warm beet and toasted pistachio nut salad just doesn’t get any better! It warms the soul while nourishing the body. Beets are a kick butt vegetable and one that I try to incorporate into my diet weekly. They are incredibly high in immune-boosting vitamin C, essential minerals such as manganese (helpful for healthy muscle and nerve function) and potassium (wonderful for your liver, kidneys and bones). Beets are also a great source of fiber. Why would you not want to eat these little guys?! This salad is a great lunch or dinner option, it’s filling, tasty and ohh so very nutritious.

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