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Drinks Main Course

Hard Cider + Steamed Clams (A Divine Holiday Duo)

hard cider and steamed clams lilas kitchen

A few weeks back I was invited to a hard cider tour and tasting at the AppleGarden Farm. This beautifully quaint farm is tucked away in Tomales (CA) and run by the sweetest couple, Jan and Louis Lee. They are the cider artisans behind the refreshingly light and crisp beverage. In the past, I have only had hard cider that was incredibly sweet and not something you could pair easily with meals. Their brew of cider could not be more opposite and I must say it was a welcomed change! It contains zero added sugars, flavorings or concentrates AND it’s gluten-free. In addition, their beverage is created 100% from fermented apple juice, solely from apples grown on their beautiful farm.

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Main Course Vegetarian

Red Lentil Risotto with Roasted Broccolini

red lentil risotto with roasted broccolini lilas kitchen

Is it raining where you are? Well by a miracle, it finally rained in the Bay Area! Yes, we get excited about the rain because we really don’t get enough of it here. Since these types of days are so few far and between, I thought I would make a warm and comforting meal this week. I decided to cook up a large batch of my Red Lentil Risotto with Roasted Broccolini. I am thrilled to share the recipe with you because it has that lovely risotto flavor but with a healthy twist. This meal sways towards the “lighter” side of comfort food, instead of making a rice based risotto I use red lentils. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for bit of white rice every once in a while although swapping out white rice for lentils makes this dish much more nutrient dense.

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Main Course

Seared Ahi + Soba Noodles

seared ahi tuna and soba noodles lilas kitchen

Are you trying to follow healthy eating habits? I find that half the battle in eating healthy is having a good idea of what to cook. Eating healthy can be challenging especially when you need more of a variety when it comes to flavors. I’m not sure about you but I get bored very easily 🙂 Therefore, I continuously find myself switching it up and testing out new flavors. Sometimes they work and sometimes they’re a flop! It’s a fun game to play and thankfully I get to share the good ones with you. Seared Ahi + Soba Noodles is a dish that I love making, because it holds fresh and satisfying flavors. It switches things up with a very different flavor combo from the protein and seasonings used.

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Natural Cooking Basics

Cooking with Natural Oils

cooking natural oils

I am particularly interested in natural cooking oils. I find myself consistently evaluating the natural oils I use in my kitchen and I’m always exploring new options. The one thought that continues to cross my mind after much research is that it’s quite interesting how we have to play this game of dodge the bullet with refined oils that have been conjured up in a lab (aka Canola, Vegetable, Soy, Corn, Safflower, Cottonseed oil & many others). Refined oils are conveniently sold in almost every grocery store & promoted as healthy, although they are really the farthest thing from it. Continue Reading