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Lilikoi Passion Fruit Jelly

lilikoi passion fruit jelly lilas kitchen

This is the week of being gifted with delicious herbs and fruit! I could not be more grateful and happy. Fresh basil and now passion fruit… thankfully this tends to happen when I visit home (Big Island of Hawaii) with produce that’s in season from family and friends. Passion fruit, also commonly known as lilikoi on the islands is newly in season… and I have to say I am feeling very lucky as I get to share my mother’s very simple and sweet homemade passion fruit jelly recipe. She would make this for our family growing up, always having it on stock in our pantry and fridge. It is a must have in our home for breakfast and snacks alike. The flavor of the jelly is like no other, sweet, tangy and delightfully light. When paired with a little butter on nutty whole grain toast, I promise you there is no comparison.

Another huge plus is that it’s packed with vitamin C and natural sugars, making it a great choice for breakfast on whole grain toast or yogurt. There are no additives, dyes or secret ingredients creating a very healthy jelly option for your kitchen. Given your local grocery store does not sell fresh passion fruit, not to worry as you can simply purchase concentrated passion fruit juice. It is sold in most stores and works equally as well when making this recipe.passion fruit juicepassion fruitpassion fruit ingredients

-3/4 cups plus 1 tablespoon passion fruit juice

-3 cups organic sugar

-3 oz organic liquid fruit pectin or Pomona’s Universal Pectin (as instructed)

-1 cup water

To Extract Juice from Fresh Passion Fruit:

If you are extracting juice from fresh passion fruit here are a few helpful tips that I find make the process quick and easy. First, cut each passion fruit in half. Over a medium-sized bowl, remove the seeds and fruity flesh by scooping it out with a spoon into your bowl. Once all fruit has been halved and cleaned out, place the contents from the bowl into a food processor. Pulse on low. This removes the jelly-like flesh from each seed easily. The seeds are quite tough and will not fall apart. Pulse on low until you can see that all flesh has been removed from each seed. Once fully removed, prepare to pour the liquid back into your bowl. This time use a strainer to ensure no seeds slip in. You will notice a small remmnence of fruity jelly in your strainer once you have poured it all into the bowl. Take a spoon and lightly press it up against the strainer to help press out every last drop of juice! It’s definitely worth saving.

To Make the Jelly:

Begin with placing your water into a medium-sized pot and add in your sugar. Turn your heat to medium high. Slowly bring your sugar water mixture to a simmer. Stir consistently with a whisk to help the sugar dissolve and to ensure it does not burn on the bottom or edges of the pot.

Once your sugar has melted down, add in your juice. Bring your ingredients to a rumbling boil and continue to stir. Once it has reached a full boil, remove your pot from the heat.

Add in your organic liquid pectin. If you have chosen to use Pomona’s Universal Pectin, follow instructions on the box by adding in the powdered calcium and pectin accordingly. Stir in evenly and once added place your pot back onto the heat. Ensure the ingredients come back to a full boil (~1 minute) stirring them about consistently. Once you have reached a full boil, remove from heat.

TIP: Prior to placing your hot jelly into the jars, ensure they are very clean. Place them into your dishwasher using the high heat wash option or boil them. To boil, simply dunk them into a large pot of boiling water (1 minute) and dry them off before adding in the hot jelly. Both methods help to ensure the jars are well sterilized.

Immediately place your hot jelly into a heat safe pouring cup. I like to use a glass Pyrex measuring cup, one with a handle, as it makes it very easy to pour the hot liquid. Pour your hot jelly into each jar. Leave a one-inch space at the top of each jar to allow air space and ensure to wipe off any drops of jelly that might have fallen onto the brim of your jars. Seal each jar with a lid right after pouring in the liquid, tightening each lid as much as you can. It’s key to immediately tighten on the lid, as the hot air within the jar begins to cool down and contracts the seal of the lid down. This ensures your jars seal well and preserves your jelly nicely.

Place the sealed jars onto your kitchen counter and allow to cool over night. Within 30 minutes of sealing, you will hear the lids pop. This is the air cooling down and is a very good sign as it signifies the jars have properly sealed. Check each jar to ensure each lid has popped downward after you have allowed time to cool. The inner circle of the lid will appear to be suctioned down and will not pop back up when pressed.

My favorite way to enjoy this jelly is on whole grain toast with a little butter. It is absolutely wonderful with yogurt as well!

Once you have opened a jar to enjoy, ensure to store it in the fridge.

Makes 5, 8 oz jars

Prep Time: 15 minutespassion fruit jar

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