Creamy Coconut Spoonfuls (Dessert in 2 Snaps)

final creamy coconut spoonfuls

This is a delightfully sweet and easy dessert idea if you’re looking for something healthy. I recommend using your favorite fruit, a few of mine happen to be these amazingly juicy plums and nectarines that we’ve been finding at our local farmers market. I love the flavor combo of the tangy plums/nectarines paired with the creamy and rich flavor of the coconut milk. Berries would be equally delicious. I tend to keep a jar of organic coconut milk in the fridge, so that its nice and chilled when I want to use it for smoothies or a simple and healthy dessert like this one. This recipe is a great go-to during these warm summer nights, especially when baking is just not an option with the heat!more plumscreamy coconut spoonfuls plummore chopped almonds

–1 organic plum or nectarine

-1 handful of raw chopped almonds (unsalted)

–1/3 cup organic unsweetened coconut milk (chilled)

Take your fruit of choice and slice it into bite size cubes, place into a bowl. Drizzle unsweetened coconut milk over your fruit, I prefer chilled as it creates a nice and refreshing flavor. Use up to 1/3 cup or more if your heart desires. Top on your almonds.

Tip: I love that crunch factor & like to top with a handful of chopped almonds although you can use other toppings such as your favorite granola or dried seeds. Both are completely optional of course.

If you’re using coconut milk for the first time, you will notice when removing it from the can that a thick layer of cream has formulated on the surface. Pour all liquid & contents out into a medium-sized bowl, using a spoon to remove everything. Take a small whisk and slowly stir together the contents, the mixture will naturally come together and smooth out. Place the coconut milk into a glass jar or container and into the fridge.

Done & done, enjoy!

Serves 1

Prep time: 2 minutes

creamy coconut spoonfuls

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