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Natural Cooking Basics

Natural Cooking Basics

Lilikoi Passion Fruit Jelly

lilikoi passion fruit jelly lilas kitchen

This is the week of being gifted with delicious herbs and fruit! I could not be more grateful and happy. Fresh basil and now passion fruit… thankfully this tends to happen when I visit home (Big Island of Hawaii) with produce that’s in season from family and friends. Passion fruit, also commonly known as lilikoi on the islands is newly in season… and I have to say I am feeling very lucky as I get to share my mother’s very simple and sweet homemade passion fruit jelly recipe. She would make this for our family growing up, always having it on stock in our pantry and fridge. It is a must have in our home for breakfast and snacks alike. The flavor of the jelly is like no other, sweet, tangy and delightfully light. When paired with a little butter on nutty whole grain toast, I promise you there is no comparison.

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Natural Cooking Basics

Fresh Basil Pesto

pesto final

I was luck enough to be gifted a whole lot of fresh basil today! and I am beyond ecstatic because I now get to share with you my very simple yet tasty pesto recipe. Pesto is a staple used in my home for many different meals and snacks. When you find yourself with an oversupply like this or you happen to have found a superb bundle at your local farmers market, this is a yielding way to put it to good use. Continue Reading

Natural Cooking Basics

Cooking with Natural Oils

cooking natural oils

I am particularly interested in natural cooking oils. I find myself consistently evaluating the natural oils I use in my kitchen and I’m always exploring new options. The one thought that continues to cross my mind after much research is that it’s quite interesting how we have to play this game of dodge the bullet with refined oils that have been conjured up in a lab (aka Canola, Vegetable, Soy, Corn, Safflower, Cottonseed oil & many others). Refined oils are conveniently sold in almost every grocery store & promoted as healthy, although they are really the farthest thing from it. Continue Reading