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Hello + Welcome!

I’m Lila, the creator of Lila’s Kitchen.

Lila’s Kitchen was inspired by my endless curiosity to make healthy, tangible recipes and driven by my personal mission to eat natural foods while keeping balance in mind. Everything in moderation is a good thing! Lila’s Kitchen is where you will find healthy recipes inspired by some of my favorite eats and produce that’s in season.

I focus on sharing recipes I cook at home, inspired by my travels, family, favorite restaurants and everyday life practices in living a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll notice my roots tend to shine through many of the recipes shared on Lila’s Kitchen– I was born and raised on the big island of Hawaii– which is a major pillar of inspiration for me along with my family being from various corners of the world– Italy, Japan, Australia and my husband being from Brazil.

I love all foods, exploring new recipes, flavors and simply sharing tasty ideas. Thanks!